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International Cooperation
Participation in EU and NATO projects

EC project Confibrecrete / European Commission Contract No. ERB FMRX-CT97-0135 "ConFibreCrete", 1997-2002 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

EUREKA project EU-1841 EUROBOGIE "Advanced Rail Suspension Using Fibre-Reinforced Plastics", 1997-2003 and "Spring of Composite Material", 2005 - 2006 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

EUREKA project No. E12618 "RENEWFOAMS" "Obtaining Freon-Free Polyol Systems From Recoverable Raw Materials For Producing Rigid Polyurethane Foams", 2002-2005 (supervisor I. Beverte);

Cyclic loading of a composite spring for freight wagons (EUREKA project Advanced Rail Suspension Using Fibre-Reinforced Plastics).

Research workers of our Institute U. Vilks, I. Beverte, and V. Skruls with test specimens of an environment-friendly foam plastic (EUREKA project RENEWFOAMS).

EC 6th Framework Integrated Project FlexiDis (Flexible Displays), 2004-2008, contract number 004354 (supervisor J. Andersons);

EUREKA project EU-2462 "TRUS", 2005-2006 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

EUREKA project EU-3446 "High-Quality Building Materials From Waste", 2005-2007 (supervisor V. Leitlands);

EC 6th Framework Integrated Project "EN-CORE" (coordinator The University of Sheffield, GB), 2005-2008 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

EC 6th Framework Integrated Project "PreCarBi" (coordinator Cranfield University, GB), 2006-2009 (supervisor V. Tamuzs).

Cooperation with Universities and Firms

Chalmers University of Technology, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sweden: 
- joint research within the EU, TMR, Network ConFibreCrete project "Confined Column Stability": "Experimental Investigation of Concrete Cylinders Confined by Carbon FRP Sheets and Prestressed Confining Carbonfibre Filaments", 2002-2003 (supervisor V. Tamuzs); 
- project "Stability Investigation of Confined Concrete Columns also Using Longitudinal External CFRP Sheet Reinforcement", 2003-2004 (supervisor V. Tamuzs).

Lulea University, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences: 
- project "Improved Design of Laminates and Woven Composites with Internal Damage and Inelastic Behaviour", sponsored by Swenska Institute, 1999-2001 (supervisor V. Tamuzs); 
- project "Irreversible and Time-Dependent Phenomena in Fibre-Reinforced Composites", sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, 1999-2001 (supervisor V. Tamuzs); 
- project "Strength of Natural Fibres" (supervisor J. Andersons).

Professor of the Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) R. Tepfers examining a CFRP-confined concrete column after its failure.

A group of researchers (supervisor V. Tamuzs) after completed investigations into the properties of fiber-reinforced composites in 2001.

Virginia Tech, USA: 
- project Fatigue Modeling for Laminate Composites, financed by National Research Council #815920, 2000-2001, with continuation in 2002 (supervisorV.Tamuzs).

Pennsylvania State University, USA: 
- project Design of multirim flywheels, 1999-2003 (supervisor G. Portnov).

NKT Flexibles I/S, Denmark: 
- project No. GK2622963 Effect of Water Uptake and Elevated Temperatures on the Degradation of Mechanical Properties of UD CFRP, 1999-2001 (supervisors J. Jansons and V. Kulakov); 
- project No. 020702 Strength of Flexible Pipes, 1999-2003 (supervisors Yu. Tarnopol'skii and V. Kulakov); 
- project No. 020219 Development of Laminate Termination, 2001-2002 (supervisors Yu. Tarnopol'skii and G. Portnov); 
- project No. 0211121 Size Effect, 2002 (supervisors G. Portnov and V. Kulakov). 

3Tex Inc., USA: 
- project Static Tests of S-2 Glass/Vinyl Ester Composite, 2000 (supervisor Yu. Tarnopol'skii); 
- project Static Tests of Carbon Fibre/Epoxy Braid Composites, 2001 (supervisors Yu. Tarnopol'skii and V. Kulakov).

Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT-DER), Spain: 
- project Design of Flywheels in Wind/Diesel System Applications, 2002-2003 (G. Portnov).

Voronezh University, Russia: 
- Agreement on a scientific cooperation between the Voronezh State University (Voronezh, Russia) and the Institute of Polymer Mechanics (Riga, Latvia), 1998-2002 (supervisor V. Tamuzs).

Metal-Polymer Research Institute of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, Belarus: 
- Agreement on a scientific cooperation between the Institute of Polymer Mechanics of the University of Latvia and the Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences (Belarus), open-end contract since 2000 (supervisor J. Jansons).

The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.; Japan:
- Mechanical Properties of Particle Reinforced Rubber, 2006-2007, (supervisor A. Aniskevich)

South-Ural State University, Russia:
- Agreement on a scientific cooperation between the Institute of Polymer Mechanics of the University of Latvia and the South-Ural State University (Russia), 10 years contract since 2006 (supervisor J. Jansons).

Information about former projects is present at Archive: International Cooperation