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Vitauts Tamuzs

Dr. habil. sc. ing.

Head of Laboratory

Phone +371 7 543306
Fax     +371 7 820467
E-mail: tamuzs@pmi.lv


  • Dec. 2, 1935, Riga.

Education and degrees

  • Dipl. Mech., Moscow State University, 1959.
  • Cand. Sc. (Ph.D.), Moscow State University, 1963.
  • Dr. of Science, Latvian SSR Academy of Sciences, 1973.
  • Nostricified to Dr. habil. sc. ing., Latvia, 1992.

Scientific rewards

  • Latvian State Prize winner 1983.
  • USSR State Science Prize winner 1985.


  • Latvian, Russian, English.

Professional and teaching experience

  • Head of Laboratory, Institute of Polymer Mechanics, Latvian Acad. of Sci., 1964 - at present. (Deputy Director 1975 - 1986).
  • Assistant, Docent (Associate Prof.), Polytechnical Institute, Riga, 1963 - 1967.
  • Associate Professor of Mechanics, Latvian University, 1967 - 1975.
  • Professor of Mechanics, Latvian University, 1975 - at present.

Editorial experience

  • Editor-in-Chief, Mekhanika Kompozitnih Materialov (Mechanics of Composite Materials), 1988 - at present.
  • Editor, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 1984 - at present.
  • Editor, Prikladnaya Mekhanika (Applied Mechanics), 1991 - at present.
  • Editor, Archives of Mechanics, 1996.
  • Editor, Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials, 1996.
  • Editor of Proceedings of First and Second US-USSR Symposia "Fracture of Composite Materials", 1979, 1982.
  • Editor of the numerous books in Russian.


  • Member of Academia Europaea, since 1995.
  • Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, since 1992.
  • President of Latvian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, since 1992.
  • Member of General Assembly of International Union Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, since 1993.
  • Member of International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics, since 1989.
  • Member of Latvian Council of Science, 1993 - 1996.

Applied research activity

  • EUREKA Project EU888 "EUROSPRING", current.
  • EC Project JOULE-2.
  • Research Contract with Alfa-Laval Separation Co, Sweden, 1990 - current.
  • A number of contracts with ex-USSR industry in composite materials, fracture mechanics, fatigue, theoretical and experimental investigations.

Guest research

  • Lehigh University USA, 1975 - 1976.
  • Berlin Technical University, 1996.

Invited lectures

Lehigh University, VPI & SU, Northwestern University, Wisconsin University, Bridgeport University.
Magdeburg Technical University, Berlin Technical University.
Grenoble University, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne.
Linkoping University, Chalmers Technical University, Lulea University.
National University of Athens.
Beijing Institute of Aviation Materials.
Aalborg University, RISO Centre.
Pohang University.
A number of Universities and Research Centers.

Published books

  • V.Kuksenko and V.Tamuzs. Fracture Micromechanics of Polymer Materials. //Riga, Zinatne, 1975, in Russian, English translation - Martinus Nijhoff Publ. - 1981, 310 p.
  • A.Malmeisters, V.Tamuzs, and G.Teters. Mechanik der Polymerwerkstoffe. //Riga, Zinatne, 1972, in Russian three editions, German translation - Akademie -Verlag. - Berlin., 1977, 597 p.
  • N.Romalis and V.Tamuzs. Fracture of Nonhomogenous Solids. Riga, 1989, 224 p. (in Russian, English translation in progress).
  • V.Tamuzs and co-authors. Fracture of Composite Structures. Riga, 1986, 263 p. (in Russian).
  • V.Tamuzs (with co-authors). Orientational Averaging in Mechanics of Solids. Riga, 1989, 190 p. (in Russian, English translation by Longman Publ. 1992).
  • Over 150 papers in Mekhanika Kompozitnih Materialov, Mekhanika Tverdovo Tela, Prykladnaya Matematika and Mekhanika, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids, Proceedings of ICF "Fracture", Proceedings of Latvian Academy of Sciences, etc.

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